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4388 S. Federal Blvd.

Englewood, CO 80110

On the Fence

Featured Flavors

Featured Flavors

Our 🦶🏻Barefoot Kombucha🦶🏻has its own

Origin Flavor


calories per serving


grams of sugar per serving


Naked Tea

We're all born naked, and our delicious kombucha is no exception. With notes of pear, apple and the soil of its 3000 year-old forest, our kombucha's base tea is what makes all of our flavors so amazing! Lowest in sugar so you can add your own fresh fruit or ginger for a kick.

TEA: Certified Organic Black and Green Teas

SUGAR: Certified Organic raw cane sugar


PAIRS WITH: BULLEIT Rye Bourbon, fresh muddled fruit...


calories per serving


grams of sugar per serving

Winter Seasonal


Strawberries + Elderflower

Representing just 1-2% of the world population, Redheads are like unicorns; mysterious, bright and often real head- turners... Our Redhead Crush Kombucha has a similar effect, with crushed organic strawberries and elderflower tea taking a turn to dance in our small-batch brew, its sure to get your attention too... 

TEA: Certified Organic Black and Green Teas

SUGAR: Certified Organic raw cane sugar

FRUIT: Crushed Organic Strawberry,Organic Elderflower

PAIRS WITH: St. Germain Liquor, Brie with Fig jam and crackers


calories per serving


grams of sugar per serving

Signature Flavor

Hippie chick

Hibiscus + Ginger 

The girl at Woodstock danced with flowers in her hair. She smells like patchouli and ginger and sweet florals to carry her twirling... Our Hippie Chick dances on the tongue with its naturally sweet organic hibiscus flowers and crushed ginger, giving you a burst of energy and belly love.

TEA: Certified Organic Black and Green Teas

SUGAR: Certified Organic raw cane sugar

FRUIT: Organic Hibiscus flowers,  Raw Ginger

PAIRS WITH: STOLI Vodka, grilled Ahi and greens

Other Flavors to ask for this month

Four Thieves- Blueberry + Lavender

Mango Tango- Mango + Jalapeno + Lime

Fertile Myrtle- Pomegranate

Triple Dog- Raspberry + Lemon + Ginger

Green Dragon Limeade- Green Tea + Key Lime + Ginger

Thai Dreamsicle- Clementine + Lychee + Ginger


PepperBerry Smooch- Raspberry + Chipotle + Lime


Coming Soon!

GrannyBerry Smooch- Elderberry + Peach + Cinnamon


Meet Jed & Lauren

Colorado is steeped in a tradition of craft brewing; laying the groundwork for a whole industry that prides itself on quality and creativity.


As competitive as craft brewing is, everyone brings something different to the table. Colorado also pioneered artisanal coffee, cold brew, nitro and custom roasting... Its just what we do here, its an integral part of our Colorado culture and identity and Kombucha is no exception.


Jed and Lauren Wilson have been brewing Kombucha for the past 6 years, as a single-source brewer, not a co-packing entity*. When demand for their delicious brew started growing and their kitchen began to look too much like Frankenstein's lab, they moved to their current production location. They maintain the most flavor-forward brewing techniques available. By hand-crafting in 5-8 gallon batches they recognize the unique properties found in all kombucha; that its a living thing, every batch with its own subtle personality and the origins of 3000 years of brewing with "The Mother SCOBY".


On the Fence Kombucha is a boutique Kombucha brewery "on the fence" between Sheridan and Englewood, Colorado! We proudly offer organically grown kombucha: a fermented but non-alcoholic probiotic tea beverage that is lightly effervescent and refreshing. When combined with our signature flavors it can be a healthy alternative to soda! Kombucha begins with live probiotic cultures that aid in digestion and is naturally low in sugar. It provides B-Vitamins, antioxidants, active enzymes, glucaronic acid and amino acids. It’s delicious on its own or as a unique mixer for cocktails. Alcohol is naturally occurring during fermentation. Our finished product contains less than .5% (usually running between 0.13 and 0.37%)


Our Kombucha begins with a unique blend of organic black and green teas harvested from ancient tea forests. Our 22 complex and creative flavor combinations reflect the care and quality we put into every small batch we produce. With conscious attention to quality, we test every batch we create for its alcohol and acidity. We never use extracts, chemicals or GMOs; choosing only organic sugar, herbs and fruits and sourcing thorough our local farmer’s market family whenever possible. The best tasting and most beneficial Kombucha is never pasteurized or watered-down... On the Fence is raw, organic, vegan and gluten-free. Taste the difference in locally grown!

*Co-packers/manufacturers brew and distribute product under many different names and entities. On the Fence does all aspects of the brew process in-house using only the highest quality ingredients.


Meet our Friends! These markets, restaurants, coffee shops and local tap rooms care about what they serve you, their customers. Please visit them for our delicious, quality kombucha and all of their fantastic brews,food and specialty products. Are you a Colorado business? Are you for including & supporting truly local brands? If yes, then we'd love to share our brews with you. Contact us below and lets partner for local small business!



On the Fence Kombucha


4388 S. Federal Blvd.

"On the Fence"  between

Englewood & Sheridan, CO 

Pick up singles, cases & Kegs! 

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POP -UPS 2024!


Downtown Littleton Farmer's Market

S. Nevada + West Main St, Littleton CO

9am -1pm

First Sunday of the month


Lone Tree Brewing Markets

8200 Park Meadows Dr, Lone Tree, CO

June 22nd, September 14th, October 19th




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